Standard Integrated Plan


Q: I have only MediShield Life. Should I upgrade to the standard B1 IP?

A: That depends on the ward class you are likely to choose should you be hospitalised. If you plan to stay in a subsidised ward, then the basic MediShield Life should be enough.

Remember that you will need to pay the deductible – the first $1,500 in C class, $2,000 in B2 and $2,500 in B1 each year if you are 80 years and younger, with the amount higher for older people – as well as the 10 per cent co-insurance for the rest of the bill.

One advantage of having an IP is the higher amount claimable for kidney dialysis. The standard B1 plan pays up to $2,750 a month for this while MediShield Life pays only $1,000. This is an important consideration if your income bracket does not qualify you for subsidised treatment.


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