This web site are collection of resources that I feel important for my future reference. It is my personal digital digest.

Most of  the articles here are not written by me, and I have appended the author name and the original URL address (note: I have no intention to violate any copyright).

Please email me yan_ziyang@yahoo.com.sg if you have feedback.


3 thoughts on “About

  1. Dear Ziyang,
    I came across your blog when googling for japanese P/Es. this is just a quick word of appreciation for the very interesting information on your blog regarding stock markets – some of it is very helpful for my own exploration of the valuation of asian stock markets. (I personally do not think right now is a good time to invest into stocks – I am planning to go back into the market when P/Es have about halved from here and dividends have doubled, i.e. a 1980 scenario)

    I also very much like the “Non-Stock” – stuff that you have compiled, eg. philosophy of life!

    Keep it up!

    Best regards from Germany,
    many thanks for sharing your work with the world & take care,

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